Courses for the supporting community

Finding it Tough? We’re here to help.

Our supporting community mental wellbeing training course is tailored specifically for anyone that works alongside the RAF, whether you are volunteering to support the RAF community, an MOD contractor or working on an RAF station.

It will take into consideration all the unique challenges working in this environment may bring and equip you with the skills to understand and overcome these in the future.

Those on your course with you may share some of the same experiences as you, and your course will be delivered in a safe and supportive environment where these can be explored, helping you develop the skills to tackle some of the challenges you and those around you may personally face.

What do the courses cover?

Our online mental wellbeing courses will help you to recognise that you’re not alone.

You’ll be taking the course alongside other members of the supporting RAF community, who will understand and may also be facing the same challenges as yourself.

Everyone struggles with life from time to time and we’ll discuss how being part of the wider RAF community brings its own unique challenges in an understanding and supportive environment.

We’ll help you to see things differently and learn practical steps to tackle some of your biggest challenges – or those experienced by the people you care about – helping you and others to take the first steps to get back on your feet and take control of your life.

Need further support?

If you think you might need additional support with the challenges you face, we offer a variety of services to the RAF community that you might find useful.