mental wellbeing courses for veterans


A course tailored for those who have served in the RAF in the past, and their partners and family members.

mental wellbeing courses for families


A course tailored for all partners and family members of serving RAF personnel.

Supporting community

A course tailored for those who work to support serving personnel and the RAF community.

Op RAF Unite

A course specifically tailored for those that have served with the RAF in Iraq or Afghanistan.

We recognise that being part of the RAF community sometimes places a strain on everyday life.

Whether you’re a veteran, the family member of someone serving, or a member of the supporting community, such as a contractor working on an RAF station, we all need a little help from time to time.

The RAF Association is offering free training, through tailored online mental wellbeing courses, for non-serving members of the RAF community.

Who are the courses for?

  • All partners, parents, brothers, sisters and children (over 18) of anyone serving in the RAF
  • All RAF veterans and their families
  • Those supporting the RAF community. For example: anyone working on an RAF station (e.g. MOD civil servants and defence contractors), medical staff, civilian staff or volunteers.
  • Those that served with the RAF in Iraq or Afghanistan

We welcome people who want to support their friends, family members and colleagues, and spot any signs that they may be struggling, as well as gaining some tips for managing their own mental wellbeing and resilience.

Not sure which course is right for you? Contact our team on 0800 018 2361.

Where can I attend a course?

The majority of our mental wellbeing courses are held virtually, so you can attend from anywhere that has access to a computer and an internet connection that will allow for video streaming.

Our face to face courses are held across the country, the location will be included in the course title and you will receive address details after booking your place.

Participation will be in small, confidential groups.

Our veterans, families and supporting community courses are for non-serving members of the RAF community only.

Serving RAF personnel who served in Iraq or Afghanistan are welcome on our Op RAF Unite Finding it Tough? course.

Serving RAF personnel who have not served in Iraq or Afghanistan are encouraged to seek help through the RAF’s Thriving At Work programme.

What are others saying about the courses?

“The course was run extremely well. It was engaging and there was plenty of opportunity to be involved in discussions about the course content. It was also a good reminder of what to do for yourself and those you interact with professionally and on a personal level.”

Course Participant, Finding it Tough? September 2022