Are you or someone you care about finding it tough?

Throughout 2020, the RAF Association is holding free, online mental wellbeing training courses for non-serving members of the RAF family.

We recognise that RAF service can sometimes place a strain on everyday life. And we all need a little bit of help from time to time.

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Pandemic update

To minimise non-essential travel and increase social distancing during the current coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the decision to run our Finding It Tough? courses virtually. View the revised programme training dates and register your place on a course.

If you have registered already, you don’t need to take any action. We will contact you to confirm your continued interest and availability.

Who’s the course for?

  • All partners, parents, brothers, sisters and children (over 18) of anyone serving in the RAF
  • All RAF veterans and their families
  • Anyone working on an RAF base (e.g. MOD civil servants and defence contractors)

We welcome people who want to improve their own mental wellbeing, as well as anyone who wants to support their friends, family members and colleagues, and spot any signs that they might be suffering too.

Where can I attend a course?

As all of our courses are now being held virtually you can attend from anywhere that has access to a computer and an internet connection that will allow for video streaming.

Participation is completely confidential.

This course is for non-serving RAF personnel only. Serving RAF personnel are encouraged to seek help through the RAF’s Thriving At Work programme.

For more information about the Finding It Tough? online courses, please call   0800 018 2361

What will it cover?

Our online course will help you to recognise that you’re not alone. Everyone struggles with life from time to time and we’ll discuss how being part of the wider RAF family brings its own unique challenges.

We’ll help you to see things differently and learn practical steps to overcome some of your biggest challenges – or those experienced by the people you care about – helping you and others to take the first steps to get back on your feet and take control of your life.

You’ll learn about the following six habits for developing resilience:

  1. Focusing on control
  2. Knowing yourself
  3. Thinking differently
  4. Reaching out
  5. Finding purpose and focus
  6. Connecting mind and body
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Recognise any of these situations in the videos below?

Hannah’s story

I just want to be a good mate

Hannah is a contractor working alongside RAF personnel on a unit. She wants to be a good mate as she’s part of the team, and they are in this together. She wants to know what she can do if she sees someone struggling.

Keith’s story

I’ve got the box to keep me company

Keith was married to an Air Traffic Controller in the RAF, before she died. They’ve moved around a lot and now he’s on his own and feels lonely.

Laura’s story

Things are a bit tough at the moment

Laura’s partner is serving in the RAF. She has two children and feels a bit overwhelmed with everything when her partner isn’t around. She’s not moaning, but she wants to find a way to get on top of things.

Raj’s story

Life on civvy street

Raj is an RAF veteran who’s finding life on civvy street more difficult than he was expecting. He’s struggling to adapt to a 9-5 role and feels as though he has lost his purpose.

If any of the above feels familiar, we can offer you some help and advice on how to manage these types of situations better

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